Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Trip: Portland, OR

How can you not love Oregon when seeing scenes like this?!?!

I did not get to stay the full two weeks like I had hoped, but did have a very enjoyable week. My friend Josh that went with me will stay on for another week.

Portland is a city after my own heart. Can't wait to visit again!

Run down of things I did...
  • Met some wonderful people!
  • Worked at the Oregon's Brewers Festival
  • Volunteered at Zenger Farms
  • Biked until we physically couldn't
  • Visited the Washington Park Rose Garden
  • Went to a "special" dessert place (don't want to ruin this for others who might go)
  • Go a private, after hours tour of Widmer Brewery
  • Spent hours at Powell's Books
  • Tried Stumptown coffee
  • Drove down the Oregon coastline
  • Visited Oregon's shortest lighthouse
  • Saw sea lions
  • Ate grilled PB&J's at a food cart
  • Tried several of Portland's 30+ breweries
  • Ate award winning clam chowder
  • Fell in love with the public transit system (Oh Nashville maybe one day!)
  • Sadly, did not take many pictures

Playtime is over and it is time to get back to the swing of work. I'm excited about the school year ahead, but also thankful for this break before things get really hectic.

I love Portland.

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  1. How fun! Andy and I considered going there for our honeymoon, but decided on somewhere else. We've been flipping through many Oregon travel guides we got, so we can't wait to go (hopefully) soon. What brought you out to Portland?