Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Community Prayer

Last night, I went to a community prayer service hosted by the church I attend. It was a great time of encouragement.

While looking around the room, I saw a rabbi sitting beside our preacher, a group of nuns from the outskirts of town, and friends from other churches around town. There were different racial and socio-economic groups represented. There were high city officials to people who struggle to make ends meet. A glimpse into Heaven, I'm sure.

We prayed that God would reign in our hearts, for churches, for our community, racial reconciliation, peace, and for God's kingdom to come. We sang songs of reverence and songs that made you get up and want to dance. We held hands. For a moment in time, we were all united. Praying that those moments of complete unity happen more often.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Time I Became A "Mini-Farmer"...

We all have things on our bucket lists or things we want to have/accomplish in life. One of the things on my list happened earlier than I thought...

My Christmas day was much more relaxed this year than most. Justin and I opted to stay home this year. Amy drove over from Nashville to spend the week with us. After breakfast, we sat down to open gifts. Justin gave me this...

I was a little speechless and a little confused. What?!?! You see having a mini pig was always on my list of things that I would like to have and Justin knew that. It seems as though this was the year to get one. Justin's sister had a pig that she was wanting to find a home for and Justin decided to give the pig to me for Christmas. He explained the situation to me and told me that they would bring the pig over the weekend.

I was a little hesitant at first. In my mind, I wanted a pig as a newbie so I could train it and experience all the life stages. However, Justin said the pig had not yet been fixed to we could try to have a litter and I could keep a piglet too. Pigs are social animals and so it is better to have a playmate. After Justin answered all of my questions then I began to get excited.

Pearl. That's her name. She is a mini-pig so we even joked about "Minnie Pearl."

I got her on Sunday when I had the flu. The first week, we just survived. She cannot climb the steps so for every meal and trip outside I have to lug all 35 pounds of her up and down the steps. Hopefully, Justin will install a ramp on half-steps soon. The first week, I listened to her and Charlie make noises. Neither Justin nor I had the energy to just let them both free and work it out. Then, we took her to Nashville with us. NEVER will I travel with her again. More poo than a horse stall. Yuck for real. I also lost her for about 30 minutes in Nashville. She escaped my sister's backyard, but was found later munching on some clover in the neighbor's yard. The first week was rough.

We have come to a better place now. Pearl and Charlie now co-exist rather peacefully. Every morning, I wake up about 5:30 and put on my boots and winter gear over my pjs. I put Charlie in my bedroom and then I haul Pearl up the stairs and fix her meal outside. Leaving her outside, I go back and get ready for the day. Then, I go back outside, try to chase her out of the compost pile, and then carry her back downstairs and kennel her. Charlie is then free to go outside and I leave for work. I have more respect for farmers now then I ever did, but I also enjoy my mornings more than I thought. Could this city gal be ready for the farm life? Guess only time will tell...