Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Days

On Friday, the snow began to fall. Its now Sunday morning and we are still pretty covered. "Covered" in Nashville, TN is nowhere near what it would be in upstate New York or Colorado. "Covered" would be 4 inches.

I stayed in my jammies from Thursday night until Saturday night. I read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. I watched an unspeakable number of House episodes. (What a great Christmas present!) Overall, was basically lazy. I did do my taxes. Points there, right???

Saturday night, I finally cleaned up and planned on heading outside with Justin to build a snowman. I was quite excited as I had been talking about it since the snow started falling. My body though had different plans. After carrying two empty buckets across the yard and scraping a tiny section of an overhang, I was huffing and puffing. We had not even started building when I knew I was done. In tears, I headed back to the house. It is so frustrating to have such little strength especially as compared to this time last year. I know it is just for a season, but it still stinks that I can't do simple things like build a snowman. Justin went ahead and built a great snowman while I took a nap. After coming out to admire his handiwork, we ran to the store because we had run out of milk and bread. Yep, one of those people... We ended the night to bowls of veggie soup, grilled cheese, and two more episodes of House.

The sun is out today, but it is not supposed to get over 14 degrees. I am thinking another snow day tomorrow. Maybe we will finish season 3 of House and maybe, just maybe I will finish a grad school paper early! :O Anyways, here's to Situation 2010. (Buzz phrase for the moment.)

Talking Museum

Thank goodness for snow days... aka- recovery days.

This past week was a big deal in Miss Quarles' class. For weeks, we have been studying explorers and it was time to show off what we learned.

Every year the 4th grade has a Talking Museum. Students do research, write reports, create maps and posters, and costumes. The other grades will come around to the classrooms for a little museum experience. Normally the ELL classes do not participate and opt for something a little more affective filter pleasing. This year we felt ready.

Each student was assigned an explorer. Using a thinkquest, students were able to do their research all from one website. They had to print and mat a picture of their explorer. Then, they had to write or type a short report on the explorer. Our class made a master list of explorers and years. As a class, we went through and put the years in order to create a huge timeline. We spread out our timeline and pictures across desks. Each student stood behind their year and we opened the doors to Quarles' Talking Museum.
For 2 hours, classes came and milled around while students shared their reports. Some students really got into sharing and others were quite ready to stop after the first class came by. When we shut our door, my students were exhausted and had new respect for their teacher who stands for hours and teaches so many students. ;) They seemed to be quite proud of themselves. I know I was proud of them.
Next unit... Charlotte's Web

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24, 2010

A little homesick this morning for China.

Fond (and not so fond) memories of trying to get to India from China that are being experienced by Katie M. right now

Email from Peach whose name alone can conjure up tears

Connection with Lucy about trying to live up each moment before returning to the States

Waking up to the sound of gansta rap and yelling from the neighbor is no substitute for the farmers market right out my window

But most of all...

Wishing I could see my friend holding her new daughter

The Perfect Kind of Saturday

Staying in bed until noon

Spending the day with one of the dearest

Lunch at Loveless Cafe... country ham, hashbrown casserole, grits, biscuits... goodness

Shopping for a new addition to a family and for a family whose house burned down

Grocery Shopping

Guacamole and drinks with girlfriends planning a summer adventure

Homemade pizza, games, an episode of The Office, and catching up with old friends

Lying under electric blanket warmth and mulling over future plans

The perfect kind of Saturday.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Savers

"Jazzercise is the only thing that is saving my life right now."

I heard this from down the 2nd grade hall this morning. (Oh Debbie Jones!) It made me chuckle a little bit, but at the same time it is something I can identify with. Jazzercise is not really up my ally, but have tried finding all kinds of things to give me a better piece of mind. You might ask, "What is saving you, Beth?"

"Starbucks coffee and the hope of something better is saving my life right now."

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Fieldtrip to Adventure Science Center today. Just tried to keep my head above water. The kiddos had a good time. I think when I wake up in the morning I can say I did too. ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


“Instead of focusing on how we’re broken, we need to focus on how He has fixed us.”

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Break Recap

So Christmas break has come and gone and I did not blog at all. Quick recap of a fast two weeks...

Trip to Arkansas to spend an early Christmas with Justin's family
Rush home to spend Christmas with my family

Found out that my little sister Caitlin is ENGAGED!

Final chemo treatment

Dinner with Beth N. and some good catch up time

Another trip to Arkansas where I did nothing but sleep and read (Finished the books Hannah's Dream and New Moon)

Lunch with my cousin Sara in Jonesboro

New Years Eve with my family at sister Leanne's house

Dinner and Game Night at Shawna and Roan's on New Years Day... some good green and beans!
Shopping with sisters
Dinner with Una friends at Mafiaoza's followed by an evening walking around Opryland Hotel to see Christmas lights
Reorganizing and cleaning out kitchen with Amy
Christmas break come and gone!
It really was nice to see all of my family this year. Emily, Sean, and Jakson were able to be here. Sara and John were in Nashville for Nana's Christmas dinner and then I got to see Sara again later that week. Mom and Rachel were here too.
While I did sleep way more than it sounds, I could have used just one more week.

The Anti-Chemo Chemical Party

On Friday night, two of my favorite partners in crime decided we should celebrate my chemo treatment being done. Beth and Maggie deemed it "The Anti-Chemo Chemical Party." A good time indeed.

We got spruced up and headed to Wantabe's for sushi. We are all addicted. Side of spicy mayo and eel sauce please! Then after a good meal, we went to Rumours East. We enjoyed some wine (aka-the chemicals), good conversation, and lots of laughter. Thank goodness we made it back to the car safely! (High heels, slight incline, and ice make for a workout.)

Thanks girls for celebrating this milestone with me! It really meant a lot.

Friday, January 1, 2010

We interrupt...

I have some major blog catching up to do, but for now I am in the midst of the Twilight series. Be back soon! (I am thinking a day and a half.)