Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Days

On Friday, the snow began to fall. Its now Sunday morning and we are still pretty covered. "Covered" in Nashville, TN is nowhere near what it would be in upstate New York or Colorado. "Covered" would be 4 inches.

I stayed in my jammies from Thursday night until Saturday night. I read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. I watched an unspeakable number of House episodes. (What a great Christmas present!) Overall, was basically lazy. I did do my taxes. Points there, right???

Saturday night, I finally cleaned up and planned on heading outside with Justin to build a snowman. I was quite excited as I had been talking about it since the snow started falling. My body though had different plans. After carrying two empty buckets across the yard and scraping a tiny section of an overhang, I was huffing and puffing. We had not even started building when I knew I was done. In tears, I headed back to the house. It is so frustrating to have such little strength especially as compared to this time last year. I know it is just for a season, but it still stinks that I can't do simple things like build a snowman. Justin went ahead and built a great snowman while I took a nap. After coming out to admire his handiwork, we ran to the store because we had run out of milk and bread. Yep, one of those people... We ended the night to bowls of veggie soup, grilled cheese, and two more episodes of House.

The sun is out today, but it is not supposed to get over 14 degrees. I am thinking another snow day tomorrow. Maybe we will finish season 3 of House and maybe, just maybe I will finish a grad school paper early! :O Anyways, here's to Situation 2010. (Buzz phrase for the moment.)

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