Sunday, January 31, 2010

Talking Museum

Thank goodness for snow days... aka- recovery days.

This past week was a big deal in Miss Quarles' class. For weeks, we have been studying explorers and it was time to show off what we learned.

Every year the 4th grade has a Talking Museum. Students do research, write reports, create maps and posters, and costumes. The other grades will come around to the classrooms for a little museum experience. Normally the ELL classes do not participate and opt for something a little more affective filter pleasing. This year we felt ready.

Each student was assigned an explorer. Using a thinkquest, students were able to do their research all from one website. They had to print and mat a picture of their explorer. Then, they had to write or type a short report on the explorer. Our class made a master list of explorers and years. As a class, we went through and put the years in order to create a huge timeline. We spread out our timeline and pictures across desks. Each student stood behind their year and we opened the doors to Quarles' Talking Museum.
For 2 hours, classes came and milled around while students shared their reports. Some students really got into sharing and others were quite ready to stop after the first class came by. When we shut our door, my students were exhausted and had new respect for their teacher who stands for hours and teaches so many students. ;) They seemed to be quite proud of themselves. I know I was proud of them.
Next unit... Charlotte's Web

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