Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy News!

My heart is so happy right now!
Our friends recieved word that they are getting a little girl! Little Sister is finally coming home to Yichang.
This family has been waiting almost 2 years and have gone through some trying times while waiting. On Christmas Eve, they recieved the good news.
Our God is faithful. Truly!
Congrats Sandra, Shoral, and Schafer!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas with Rilie

Yesterday Dad, Momma, Leanne, and I headed out to Joe's house for an early Christmas. My niece Rilie has to spend Christmas in Louisiana, so Santa came early to Nashville. Joe had quite a spread for lunch. However, the best part of the day was being with a great little girl who is loved so much. Even amidst the all of the things in the world that can contaminant, scar, and hurt, Rilie still has the simple innocence that makes Christmas and the little things so fun. A great first Christmas...

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Nutcracker

Last night was one of the best nights I have ever had. Truly.

Thanks to a grant, we were able to snag free tickets to The Nutcracker. Beth, Maggie and I picked some kiddos and planned an evening of ballet and dinner for them. A little early Christmas something. :) I was excited all week, but it exceeded my expectations.
A local church allowed us the use of their bus and provided our group a driver. We started the evening with some homemade goodies and milk in my classroom. Then, all of us loaded the bus and headed downtown. The kids were excited by the sight of the city decorated for Christmas. We took some pictures and then managed to find seats on the 5th row center.

I only wish everyone could have seen my kids. So precious! Two were literally on the edge of their seats during the show, oohhh-ing and aahhh-ing. My heart was so happy. During intermission, I read the storybook to the ones sitting close to me. The show was magical. It was also my first time to see a live ballet so I was pretty entranced by the whole thing as well.
After the show, we went to Old Spaghetti Factory for a late dinner. The kids enjoyed seeing the train car and eating Mac and Cheese. The boys got tickled and we girls enjoyed laughing at them. Beth, Maggie, and I could not stop commented on how happy we were and how our cups overflowed.

After dropping the kids off and when I finally managed to fall asleep, I am pretty sure I still had a smile on my face. Such a good night!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Just a few hours until school freedom for 2 weeks...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Drop In and Decorate!

Tonight, we hosted a "Drop In and Decorate" party. "Drop In and Decorate" is a program based on the idea that you bake cookies, invite friends over to decorate the cookies, and then donate the cookies to a non-profit or organization helping people. I stumbled across their website while looking up sugar cookie recipes one day and I am so glad I did! Lydia (founder of "Drop In and Decorate") has a wonderful recipes for sugar cookies! Check out the website...
More importantly this is a great program based on someone's love for others and doing something they enjoy. Best kinds of things to support!

Seven girls surrounded the Stockell house table tonight. We had a good time icing cookies, hearing about Shawna's engagement, and just a lot of laughing. Sometimes the best nights are good old fashioned fun of doing something simple. We will be donating our cookies to the Ronald McDonald House. A little Christmas cheer on the way!

And our finished product...


This morning some first grade elves appeared in my classroom.

They brought me some gold!

Final week before Christmas break... woo-hoo!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love Sundays...
It is 1:45pm and I am still sitting in my pjs. I slept until 12 which was upsetting only because I was planning on going to my parents for lunch. Overall though, it is pretty much perfect. The Christmas tree lights are on. Julie and Julia (which came out on DVD on Tuesday!) is playing. I am scouring for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for a get together tomorrow evening. Just finished broccoli cheddar chicken leftovers from dinner last night. Planning on grocery shopping, making cookies, finishing Christmas cards, church, and small group. Love it.

This week I really did not do much after school. I really feel tired these days so I sleep a lot in the evenings. I was supposed to go to Denver, CO this weekend to meet up with the amazing Tiffany Lemons. However, we both decided it might be unwise for me to go tromping around CO feeling tired all the time. We canceled out trip and Tiffany ended up coming here on the down low. We didn't tell anybody other my roommates and our families. I took the day off on Friday and we had a girls day. We shopped, ran errands, and got pedicures. It was so wonderful having her here!

Last night, Justin and I went to see the movie Invictus. With a cast of Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, and Clint Eastwood directing, you know it had to be a good movie. We were not disappointed! The story was of how Nelson Mandala and the South African rugby team fought against apartheid in their country. I don't see many movies in the theater, but this one is worth supporting.

Only a few days of school left until a glorious break with no plans! It is a good day, my friends... a good day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard Morning

Sometimes I wish I could do things on my own. Go to the grocery when I need/want to. Run to the library when I want to read a book. Go to a store just to look because I have free time. Just do things on my own time. This morning is one of those times when I really just want to pick up and go.

I feel bad about saying that though because I know people have their own time schedules too. Many have sacrificed and given up much of their time for me. I don't want people to think I don't notice how much they do for me, but I wish I could do things on my own too.

I was able to finally have another treatment. Yesterday, I did not get off the couch. Football and sleep. Then, last night my leg started having spasms. It scared me just because I seemed to have no control. My head and neck still ache. And if you haven't noticed, I am a little cranky. :(

I really want to look at the bright side of things, but I am struggling this morning. I just want all of this to pass. Please pray for me. I need a change of heart. Some peace.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Breakfast Debate

So I have never been a big breakfast person. Normally, breakfast would consist of a glass of orange juice, milk, or coffee if someone else made it (or I stopped at Starbucks). I am changing my ways though.

Because my appetite comes and goes during chemo, I am trying to eat 3 meals a day even if it is not much. Instead of a glass of something, I now have scrambled eggs or muffins. Sundays have become banana pancakes mornings. Juice is still required. Coffee is a plus. (Note: I refuse to make coffee for myself. I have been spoiled by roommates and friends who have always made coffee for me. Thankful for Brad and Justin who make me coffee each morning. Big kudos for the Peppermint Mocha creamer find!)

I am amazed to see how much more energy I have throughout the day if I eat breakfast. Maybe I will become a regular breakfast person after all.

If you are ever around the Stockell house on a Sunday morning, feel free to stop on by for a pancake or two. ;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"And the stockings were hung by the white board with care,
In hopes that Christmas break would soon be here..."