Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love Sundays...
It is 1:45pm and I am still sitting in my pjs. I slept until 12 which was upsetting only because I was planning on going to my parents for lunch. Overall though, it is pretty much perfect. The Christmas tree lights are on. Julie and Julia (which came out on DVD on Tuesday!) is playing. I am scouring for the perfect sugar cookie recipe for a get together tomorrow evening. Just finished broccoli cheddar chicken leftovers from dinner last night. Planning on grocery shopping, making cookies, finishing Christmas cards, church, and small group. Love it.

This week I really did not do much after school. I really feel tired these days so I sleep a lot in the evenings. I was supposed to go to Denver, CO this weekend to meet up with the amazing Tiffany Lemons. However, we both decided it might be unwise for me to go tromping around CO feeling tired all the time. We canceled out trip and Tiffany ended up coming here on the down low. We didn't tell anybody other my roommates and our families. I took the day off on Friday and we had a girls day. We shopped, ran errands, and got pedicures. It was so wonderful having her here!

Last night, Justin and I went to see the movie Invictus. With a cast of Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, and Clint Eastwood directing, you know it had to be a good movie. We were not disappointed! The story was of how Nelson Mandala and the South African rugby team fought against apartheid in their country. I don't see many movies in the theater, but this one is worth supporting.

Only a few days of school left until a glorious break with no plans! It is a good day, my friends... a good day!

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