Friday, June 25, 2010

Favorite Ice Cream?

For the past couple of years I have debated about my favorite ice cream...

Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip or Graeters Black Raspberry Chip.

Tough choice.

Tonight I just learned there might be a new one in the running...

Bryers Grasshopper Pie.

Oh snap!

Ice cream and my favorite summer dessert in one.

It is only being sold at Wal-Mart. In this case it might be worth it to join in with the masses.

I will post results. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Years!

I have been a "blogger" for 10 years now!

It all started back when Expage was around. I would sit as patiently as I could while AOL dialed for connection. I would argue and fight with my sisters about whose turn it was. Finally, Schmekkleb was signed on to AOL and then would go to her Expage site. Thank goodness they took that site down. I am sure it was filled with over-dramatic teenage rants.

After Expage, I moved on to Xanga. Who knew that was still around? Sadly, my blog isn't. Xanga carried me through the college years and the very beginning of China. I am sure people just LOVED reading about my fast paced college days filled with social club-ities, great "loves", and the many jobs I had.

While in China, Xanga was blocked so I had to move the blog once again. This time I settled on Blogger. I called my blog "Scattered" because that is exactly how I felt. Home didn't seem like home. China didn't seem like home. Life was so jumbled in many ways. After my first year, I changed the name to its current title "Deeply Rooted". Deeply Rooted has suited me just fine. Day after day that is more how I feel. I am learning to love and settle in what I love. Things that make me me. Shoot, I even have the phrase tattooed on my wrist! :)

I have become interested in learning more about blog design because I have always used pre-made templates. Last year, I finally had a designer work on it a little bit. I want to make it mine though. Now I am teaching myself. Amazing how technology can teach you almost anything you want to learn. Tonight I learned that is an already owned domain. You should check out Guess I won't be using that address ;)

10 years... who knew I could commit to something for such an amount of time?!? I think my love for mint chocolate chip ice cream and Mexican food is the only commitment that has surpassed that.

To the 1-2 people who have been reading my blog for the past 10 years.... Bless you. ;)

Happy 10th year!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Trip: Arkansas

Last Thursday night, Justin and I headed to Jonesboro, Arkansas. It was a really enjoyable trip filled with family, friends, and lots of good memories.

On Friday, I drove to Searcy to have lunch and go shopping with my cousin Sara. Growing up we used to have so much fun together, but since getting older we don't get to see each other often. Sadly I missed her wedding while I was in China, but this trip allowed me the opportunity to see her house. So nice! We ate at WhichWich which might be my new favorite sub shop. :)

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, we spent time helping Janae (Justin's little sister) get ready for her wedding reception. Janae and her husband Jesse were married the week before in Jamaica, but hosted a reception so everyone could celebrate with them. Janae is so creative! She made her cupcake stands! (Yes, those would be real fish in the vases!) Some cupcakes were sprayed blue to look like the ocean while some had brown sugar to look like sand. The reception was beautiful!

Saturday night was spent with friends playing games and laughing.

On Sunday, we got to spend some good time with Justin's mom. We went to church, looked at houses (for her!), got ice cream, and managed to talk Justin into going to see Letter to Juliet with us. ;) It was nice not having to rush around and really get to visit.

On Monday, we ate lunch with family before heading to see some of his dad's side of the family in Paragould. We went to see his sweet aunt and uncle and got to fit in some time riding around on their Harley. Justin showed me where he grew up and told me more about his family. It was really special for me. We met back up with his aunt, uncle, and grandfather for some delish pizza before hitting the road.

Because I could not find a house/dog sitter Socrates made the trip with us. I was really worried at first. How did he do? He slept almost the entire way in the car. He played well with the other dogs and kids. He wagged his tail the entire time. He played fetch with Justin's mom and actually brought the ball back to her. He slept in a kennel without crying. He was a different dog. It seems like he had just as good of a time as we did. I almost hated to bring him home to this quiet and boring house. He really needs a playmate.

Anyways, it was a terrific trip and I look forward to the next time we go back.

Monday, June 7, 2010

House of Ill

So yesterday I was to the point where I was sharing my funeral arrangements out loud. My stomach hurt so bad and I resembled the head-spinning, vomit spewing character from the Exorcist. (My first and last horror film!) Thankfully I finally got meds, managed to fall asleep , had my hand held, and felt better. This morning I would not have even guessed I was sick yesterday.

I thought it was over with.


I get home tonight about 11pm and as soon as I open the door, the ghastly fumes hit. This was no accident. My poor doggie must have exploded. I could not punish him because I felt so bad. He ran outside as soon I let him and now he is lying in the corner look absolutely pathetic. The house is still airing out after two mopings and Febreeze overload which did nothing. Hopefully he will have the same results in the morning as I did.

All better.

Sometimes I take my health for granted and tonight I learned that I take my dog's health for granted too.

Signing off from the House of Ill...

Friday, June 4, 2010

New Job!

I got a new job!

Same school.

Not teaching.

Working with families. Working with community. Keeping up with Title 1/ NCLB.

Sit on leadership team for school.

I will get to start a Parent Center from scratch.

A position that will let me be creative, help people, and fund those ideas.

Title: Title 1/NCLB co-coordinator, Parent and Community Outreach Coordinator

Pay increase which means I can pay off student loans quicker and not sweat as mush about finances.

I am geeked!!!!!!! :)

Summer Project: Office

So I have made a list of summer projects and one of those items would be to clean and organize my office at home.

When I first moved in the office was a space I did not put much thought into. Teaching, grad school, being "crafty", plus the other 1,000 things I do and enjoy can be overwhelming when kept in one room. Pictures below should be proof for you. If that is not enough, all of those things have also started making a home on my dining room table. It is time to get organized!

For the next couple of days, this is my project...

view from kitchen

right side... what does one do with a master's hood?!?!?


laundry room/storage... I could not open the right door because my bicycle is in the way, but there is a stackable washer and dryer there. This picture is down right embarrassing.

Maybe if I have a clean and organized office, then I will be more productive on my thesis... ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Day

My first day of summer vacation...

Went to school to clean classroom
Volunteered for awhile at the Antioch Relief Center
Had a GREAT conversation with principal about a job possibility
Played with Socrates in backyard
Finished a "Miss Julia" book
Wrote a letter
Went to see a free screening of "Get Him To The Greek" with Whitney
Planned some for a trip to Austin, Texas
Ate some banana pudding
Fixing to swing on porch for awhile before going to bed

If everyday could be as productive, fun, and mostly relaxed as today then summer is going to be amazing.