Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Trip: Arkansas

Last Thursday night, Justin and I headed to Jonesboro, Arkansas. It was a really enjoyable trip filled with family, friends, and lots of good memories.

On Friday, I drove to Searcy to have lunch and go shopping with my cousin Sara. Growing up we used to have so much fun together, but since getting older we don't get to see each other often. Sadly I missed her wedding while I was in China, but this trip allowed me the opportunity to see her house. So nice! We ate at WhichWich which might be my new favorite sub shop. :)

On Friday evening and Saturday morning, we spent time helping Janae (Justin's little sister) get ready for her wedding reception. Janae and her husband Jesse were married the week before in Jamaica, but hosted a reception so everyone could celebrate with them. Janae is so creative! She made her cupcake stands! (Yes, those would be real fish in the vases!) Some cupcakes were sprayed blue to look like the ocean while some had brown sugar to look like sand. The reception was beautiful!

Saturday night was spent with friends playing games and laughing.

On Sunday, we got to spend some good time with Justin's mom. We went to church, looked at houses (for her!), got ice cream, and managed to talk Justin into going to see Letter to Juliet with us. ;) It was nice not having to rush around and really get to visit.

On Monday, we ate lunch with family before heading to see some of his dad's side of the family in Paragould. We went to see his sweet aunt and uncle and got to fit in some time riding around on their Harley. Justin showed me where he grew up and told me more about his family. It was really special for me. We met back up with his aunt, uncle, and grandfather for some delish pizza before hitting the road.

Because I could not find a house/dog sitter Socrates made the trip with us. I was really worried at first. How did he do? He slept almost the entire way in the car. He played well with the other dogs and kids. He wagged his tail the entire time. He played fetch with Justin's mom and actually brought the ball back to her. He slept in a kennel without crying. He was a different dog. It seems like he had just as good of a time as we did. I almost hated to bring him home to this quiet and boring house. He really needs a playmate.

Anyways, it was a terrific trip and I look forward to the next time we go back.

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  1. Sounds like you are off to a busy, but fun summer! Glad Socrates was such a good traveler! I haven't taken Rosebug on the road, yet, much to the relief of some. Love you! Enjoy your summer off.