Friday, April 30, 2010


Apparently at age 27 people think you are officially capable of being responsible for living things. This birthday was the birthday of plants.
Let me show you...

from my brother

from Brad

Brad again

Brad once again... Traders Joes was good to him (and me!)

from the Murphy family (planter was fitting!)

and this is "Thelma Lou" affectionately named and given by Mama.

Now we all remember my tree in Yichang that was carried by motorcycle only to die a short time later. Hopefully these go better than that.

I also officially adopted Socrates today. :)

Beth, age 27, responsible.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Explosion of Emotion

This is a short post, but just wanted to say...

My PET scan came back all clear which means remission!

Yesterday was a great day and I was able to celebrate birthday and remission with some dear friends.

Last night, all of the emotion and tears that I seemed to not have much of over the past few months came out. When I got home I exploded. Even though it had been a fabulous day, I had anger and sadness in my heart. I am so tired and have been for awhile. Tears, sobs, and ungodly cries poured out until I exhuasted myself. It has been a long time coming.

I am truly happy.

I am ready to feel like my old self again though.

Thanks to all of those who have shown me support and utter compassion this year. I could not have made it without you.

Birthday goodness post soon to come...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Finshing Strong...

I grew up listening to Dennis Crowder speak at summer series, VBS, etc. I always enjoyed hearing him speak, but this weekend I became even more impressed with this man of faith.

I found this article on The Tennessean's website

Crowder finished the marathon on Sunday because he had to stop early due to storms. I think this speaks very highly of him. Finishing up what he started. If nothing else, this has given me inspiration in the academic project writing I need to finish to graduate. Finish what I started.

(His daughter Leah is our computer lab teacher at school! Small world.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Socrates Update

Socrates has been around for two weeks now. Yep, I am going to be one of those bloggers who shares every little update on pet/children with readers. It's my blog. I can do what I want to. ;)Here is a little update...

Scared of everything
Does well in big group situations (game night)
Coat is looking much better
Bonded with me (follows me everywhere)
Likes to chase after balls but does not bring them back
Likes to throw ball to himself
Not a big fan of Justin
This week accident free!
Learning to leash walk at the greenway
Loves veggies!
Tried to get in hammock with me (that did not go so well)
Nightly needs to go out about 3am and does not hesitate to let me know (sigh)
Still unsure if he knows his name (he has had it at least 5 months!)

Overall, I love having him around. He is such a sweet looking dog, just has many quirks.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

School Update

Just signed up for 12 hours of class this summer.


Plus, I have to finish and present my academic project for my first masters.

I will have two masters by the end of 2010.


I think I am going to be finished with school for awhile after that.


Virtual Fieldtrip

Well, it is TCAP week and little brains feel "mushy" I am told. In an effort to still do something educational in the classroom when we are not testing, yesterday we went on a virtual fieldtrip!

Scholastic and The Magic School Bus partnered in creating a web cast for students across America to take part in a fieldtrip to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. The Magic School Bus just released their new book about changes in climate. (Just in time for Earth Day!) Teachers could register for free and then sign on to website at noon.

We learned all about 3 alternative energies (solar,wind, and hydro) right after math TCAP test. We even submitted questions for them to answer. Apparently students in the Domician Republic wanted to know the same things we did.

Technology is pretty amazing that I can take my kiddos on a fieldtrip and never leave my classroom. I still believe there is nothing better than hands on learning, but this is a cost efficient and exciting way too!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health Update

I have had several people ask about my health lately, so here are the latest details...

I am finished with all treatments and surgeries at this time. :)

On April 27th (yep, my birthday) I have my another doctor's visit. I will be having a PET scan. If nothing shows up, then I can be free to throw that word "remission" around.

Remission. That is a tricky word. Before the last couple of years, I took that to mean cancer was gone. I knew there was no cure for cancer, but I don't think I really understood that. Remission seemed so good. Don't get me wrong, it is a good word, but just knowing that it is not absolute is not awesome. You can through remission period of years or just a few months. Don't worry there will still be a party when "remission" happens. ;)

Menopause. Aren't you picturing an older cranky woman? I do. However, treatments sometimes send women into premature menopause. At the age of 26, I might be going through menopause. It has seemed to be out of nowhere, but I have had several symptoms pop up lately. The hot flashes and other things (that shall not be mentioned because some boys do read this blog) have occurred before when stopping my usage of Tamoxifen, but body went back to normal. I have not had a Tamoxifen change as of late so menopause might explain the not-so-fun things that have been happening lately. I do have an appointment with doctor today so we can try to find explanation.

Nightmares. The past few weeks I have not been sleeping well at all. It is truly almost nightly that I dream of cancer spreading throughout my body. I once even dreamed I gave cancer to somebody else. I have had missing boobs (and missing legs for whatever reason). A surgeon took out a huge (and nonexistent might I add) vein running from heart out instead of a tumor that he was supposed to take. Silly, but scary dreams. Maybe I am just subconsciously stressing about upcoming doctors visits and such.

I don't mean to sound like a pessimist. I do feel good for the most part. I am so blessed to have the "big things" behind me. I have a lot of good things happening to me. These are just some things happening and some feelings I have.

I do appreciate continued prayers and encouragement. (These days extra patience with me is also appreciated.)

Maybe next time I post about health, we can title post "Remission" :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Tunes

This is the album I am currently in love with. Natalie Merchant created this album for her children. She took some classic poems and put them to music. It is the only children's album that not only can I stand for hours, but also truly love.

The song "The King of China's Daughters" has quickly become my class' favorite song. The students almost dance around the room (in a controlled manner!) when they hear this. (Really it became their favorite because I play it so much because I love it.)

Thank you dear Natalie for a wonderful album for me to share with my kiddos and hopefully future kiddos.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Music City Roots

Last week I had some Couchsurfers from Portland, OR. Instead of going downtown to hear some music, we opted for going to Loveless Cafe. The Loveless opened a barn as a music venue last year. They now have a weekly radio program called Music City Roots. Great venue.

We enjoyed hearing Jill Andrews. She reminded me a lot of Meiko whom I love so dearly. Kingbilly (pictured right) was also good. At the end of the show, all the musicians came out for a jam. They sang/played "I'll Fly Away" in honor of the Biscuit Lady who passed last week. What a wonderful ending and I only wish that I would have a jam that great in my memory.

If you are in Nashville area, you really should check out Music City Roots. $5 with college id... and you know I love their logo. ;)


News article about a 13 year old who is going to climb Mt. Everest. Love hearing about people who are truly following their dreams...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

A Sunday afternoon spent the way it should be...

in a hammock,

with one of your best pals,

and a dog by your side.

Can't wait for next Sunday!


A few weeks ago I started looking seriously for a dog. I have been wanting one since early fall and with my move it provided the perfect opportunity to get one. (Plus a perfect yard!)

My friend Sarah told me about a rescue agency named Bonaparte's Retreat. She sent me a link and while scrolling my heart leaped at this...

After about a month of ups and downs and even a couple of tears because I did not think it was going to happen, Socrates came home to me on Friday evening. I am in love.

He has a lot of fear issues. Lots. I have not done anything this weekend besides read (finished 3 James Patterson novels) and hang out with Soc. Getting him to eat takes awhile. Getting him to go outside takes awhile. Getting him to come close for a rub down takes awhile. Patience will be my middle name. We did go to the park on Saturday morning to meet up with his friends. For the first time and only time so far I saw his tail up and wagging. It made my heart happy. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I will have a happy dog. Say your prayers.

Since he also fears getting his picture made, these are the only ones I have managed so far.

Yes, those are his ribs. :(

One of his perkier moments...

What a handsome guy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Emotional Tie

I think there are always times when we have people on our hearts/minds. Over the past few months there has been one family that just is constantly on my heart. Even though they are literally across the world, I just feel such an emotional pull when I see pictures, hear from them, or read their blog. They have had moments of utter joy the past few months, but they have also had a lot of sadness. Today, I am asking you to lift them up. May their hurts be washed over by the guiding and comforting hand of God.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Happy Birthday Daddy-o!
I do love this man.
(Posted a day late, but was on time with gift and phone call. :) )


A few weeks ago, I found a dog that stole my heart.
On Friday afternoon, he is coming to my house for a weekend stay and hopefully after that permanently.
The adoption process has not gone as smoothly as I thought, so please just pray that he can stay.
It would do my heart good. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Day Weekend

3 day weekend now seems like such a blur.

I had the day off on Friday so I spent time hanging out with my family. I got to make 2 trips to Lowes with different parents. While checking out with Mama, she asks if I was sure my birthday was on the 27th. The cashier was highly amused by our conversation. Later on, I went back with my father and we happened to get in the same line. When Dad gets ready to check out, he says "Where are we? I could have sworn we were at Home Depot." Cashier just smiles at me again. I promise my parents don't have Alzheimer's.

Friday evening, I babysat in Brentwood. While driving the Vespa down Franklin Rd. a deer decided he wanted to race me. He gave up after running the length of two yards. Nobody likes a quitter!

On Saturday, the entire McGunnigal clan came over for lunch. It was so much fun sitting around with Katie's family and enjoying their banter. The weather was also perfect for exploring Nashville. We walked across the Shelby pedestrian bridge, scoured the Broadway record shops, and stopped off at Pied Piper's for ice cream. This week they even had a popcorn flavored ice cream! It was a great afternoon.

On Saturday evening, Justin and I went over to Lipscomb for some alumni events. At a reception, I got to catch up with some old friends. We stayed for Singarama. Collins Auditorium has changed quite a bit since I was there last. I enjoyed the show much more than I ever did when I was in school.

We spent Sunday/Easter with my family. After some good food, visiting, and celebrating Dad's "25th" birthday, we all headed out to the driving range. Dad, Joe, Brandon, and Justin acted as coaches. We all looked like a bunch of goofballs, but we had a good time. Justin and I took the long way home on the Vespa through Madison, Old Hickory, Hermitage, Donelson, and back through downtown. I do love this Spring weather!

The weekend ended with a big bang... literally. Around midnight, I was woken up by a noise and flash of light. There were a couple more explosions so then I headed outside. While standing on the porch there was one more explosion that scared me to pieces and judging by by neighbor's words, her too. Nothing like a hanging telephone pole to bring neighbors together in the middle of the night. This morning I learned that someone driving hit the pole and took off. The impact broke the telephone pole at the top so a piece was just hanging on the lines. It made for the worst night's sleep I have had in my new house. Police lights flashed through my room all night where they were shutting down the street. Still no electricity this morning...

Quite an exciting and fun weekend, but sadly no pictures. :(

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Least Favorite Day of Year

My least favorite day of the year...

April Fools Day.