Thursday, April 15, 2010

Health Update

I have had several people ask about my health lately, so here are the latest details...

I am finished with all treatments and surgeries at this time. :)

On April 27th (yep, my birthday) I have my another doctor's visit. I will be having a PET scan. If nothing shows up, then I can be free to throw that word "remission" around.

Remission. That is a tricky word. Before the last couple of years, I took that to mean cancer was gone. I knew there was no cure for cancer, but I don't think I really understood that. Remission seemed so good. Don't get me wrong, it is a good word, but just knowing that it is not absolute is not awesome. You can through remission period of years or just a few months. Don't worry there will still be a party when "remission" happens. ;)

Menopause. Aren't you picturing an older cranky woman? I do. However, treatments sometimes send women into premature menopause. At the age of 26, I might be going through menopause. It has seemed to be out of nowhere, but I have had several symptoms pop up lately. The hot flashes and other things (that shall not be mentioned because some boys do read this blog) have occurred before when stopping my usage of Tamoxifen, but body went back to normal. I have not had a Tamoxifen change as of late so menopause might explain the not-so-fun things that have been happening lately. I do have an appointment with doctor today so we can try to find explanation.

Nightmares. The past few weeks I have not been sleeping well at all. It is truly almost nightly that I dream of cancer spreading throughout my body. I once even dreamed I gave cancer to somebody else. I have had missing boobs (and missing legs for whatever reason). A surgeon took out a huge (and nonexistent might I add) vein running from heart out instead of a tumor that he was supposed to take. Silly, but scary dreams. Maybe I am just subconsciously stressing about upcoming doctors visits and such.

I don't mean to sound like a pessimist. I do feel good for the most part. I am so blessed to have the "big things" behind me. I have a lot of good things happening to me. These are just some things happening and some feelings I have.

I do appreciate continued prayers and encouragement. (These days extra patience with me is also appreciated.)

Maybe next time I post about health, we can title post "Remission" :)

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