Monday, April 5, 2010

3 Day Weekend

3 day weekend now seems like such a blur.

I had the day off on Friday so I spent time hanging out with my family. I got to make 2 trips to Lowes with different parents. While checking out with Mama, she asks if I was sure my birthday was on the 27th. The cashier was highly amused by our conversation. Later on, I went back with my father and we happened to get in the same line. When Dad gets ready to check out, he says "Where are we? I could have sworn we were at Home Depot." Cashier just smiles at me again. I promise my parents don't have Alzheimer's.

Friday evening, I babysat in Brentwood. While driving the Vespa down Franklin Rd. a deer decided he wanted to race me. He gave up after running the length of two yards. Nobody likes a quitter!

On Saturday, the entire McGunnigal clan came over for lunch. It was so much fun sitting around with Katie's family and enjoying their banter. The weather was also perfect for exploring Nashville. We walked across the Shelby pedestrian bridge, scoured the Broadway record shops, and stopped off at Pied Piper's for ice cream. This week they even had a popcorn flavored ice cream! It was a great afternoon.

On Saturday evening, Justin and I went over to Lipscomb for some alumni events. At a reception, I got to catch up with some old friends. We stayed for Singarama. Collins Auditorium has changed quite a bit since I was there last. I enjoyed the show much more than I ever did when I was in school.

We spent Sunday/Easter with my family. After some good food, visiting, and celebrating Dad's "25th" birthday, we all headed out to the driving range. Dad, Joe, Brandon, and Justin acted as coaches. We all looked like a bunch of goofballs, but we had a good time. Justin and I took the long way home on the Vespa through Madison, Old Hickory, Hermitage, Donelson, and back through downtown. I do love this Spring weather!

The weekend ended with a big bang... literally. Around midnight, I was woken up by a noise and flash of light. There were a couple more explosions so then I headed outside. While standing on the porch there was one more explosion that scared me to pieces and judging by by neighbor's words, her too. Nothing like a hanging telephone pole to bring neighbors together in the middle of the night. This morning I learned that someone driving hit the pole and took off. The impact broke the telephone pole at the top so a piece was just hanging on the lines. It made for the worst night's sleep I have had in my new house. Police lights flashed through my room all night where they were shutting down the street. Still no electricity this morning...

Quite an exciting and fun weekend, but sadly no pictures. :(

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