Monday, July 23, 2012

Scattered Again

Things around here have been very quiet. Routine has set in. Breakfast, clean, check in, eat, bed. Specks of reading, bike rides, and daydreams thrown in between as well. Some days are very lonely. Too quiet. Maybe even a full house, but loneliness all around. But then we have days like this...
Days when best friends come to visit. You spend hours playing with dry ice, gorge on ice cream, eat sushi, and daydream. Loneliness cannot be found.
Days come and go and the balance is nice. I am happy here in Louisville, but find my heart missing Nashville more and more. I love my job more than any I have ever had. I long for Fido's with friends more than I thought I could. I love finding new places in a new city. I miss Charlie being able to run amok. I enjoy walking through my neighborhood at night when living rooms are lit up. I feel scattered once again.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Fourth

Left: Fruit served at the inn; Scrabble with J; Bike ride to the river
Bottom: View of fireworks; Riverfront; Patriotic cake I made; Waiting for fireworks

This marks the first holiday J and I have spent completely alone. Bittersweet. We missed our family and friends (and singing all the verses of Yankee Doodle Dandy), but enjoyed our evening together. I found that I was more reflective of the reason for the holiday itself. Even though I am not always outspoken about my love for my homeland, I am grateful to grow up in a country that allows me the freedom to pursue my dreams.

Hope you all had a happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Last night, J and I sat down to watch the movie "We Bought A Zoo". (My second time and J's first.) Once again there was a familiar face...

No, I am not talking about Scarlett J (blah.) Doesn't that guy with the monkey look a little familiar?!?

J has a doppelganger. For those of you who don't know J then you might think I am crazy, but those of you that know him watch We Bought A Zoo and tell me that is not him....

This is another face that I am too well acquainted with and I am sure I going to get it as soon as J reads this post. ;)