Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rite of Passage

Rite of Passage - Shaving my Head from Ashley Hackshaw on Vimeo.

A friend sent me this video this morning. It sent me back to my rite of passage.

 My hair is even longer than it was before I shaved it. Still kicking cancer's.... ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Neighbor, Jayne

This weekend I woke to the sound of a moving truck. Looking out my window, I saw the truck sitting in my driveway. My heart fell a little bit.

Not long after I finished my last round of radiation, I bumped into my neighbor Jayne. She told me of her diagnosis of breast cancer. I remember one day looking out the window and she stood on a rock in her front yard with a big yellow floppy hat covering her newly bald head. Her hands on her hips and then she lifted them to the sun. I am not sure what she was doing, but it seemed as though she was soaking up the sun. Soon hats and scarfs were not the only thing new. A cute yellow VW Beetle appeared in the place of the old blue Explorer.On another day, J and I found her backyard filled with friends planting her a garden. Another sweet pleasure to bear a terrible disease. A couple of weeks ago, she and her boyfriend John peered over the fence to ooo and aah over the puppies. She looked happy.

J had ran into John several days before the moving van arrived and was told the cancer had spread to her liver. She was in the hospital. When I saw the moving van, I knew something was not right. After getting myself together for the morning, I walked over to the fence. A few people were standing around smoking cigarettes and a couple had red eyes. I asked if everything was okay. A short awkward pause that seemed to last minutes. Jayne passed away.

After talking a few minutes, I walked away with tears in my eyes. Another warrior who saw defeat.

While Jayne and I were not close. Perhaps we both were a bit nosey. We did have a connection. I grieve over a woman whose joy was apparent even when...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ezra 9

Ezra 9 is rocking my face off this week.

Would encourage you to listen to this week's podcast from Ethos and read passage for yourself....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Love Vol. 2

Here are some things I am currently loving... 
My Sister's Suitcase craft blog. I want to pin every single one of her ideas. ;)

The harmonies of these delightful women. I discovered The Staves at the Civil Wars concert.

Handmade Ryan Gosling is amazing, but all of my teacher friends are sure to enjoy the teacher Hey Girl! site.

Neeseybear moved into the 'Hood. Can't wait for more frequent girl nights!

Daydreaming about a little trip to Italy and a neighborhood bookstore. For now that is all both of those are...just dreams.

Brunch.  I wish this would become a weekly Saturday tradition. This week we tried to go to Sky Blue cafe. Too long of a line. Will try again soon.