Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Project: Office

So I have made a list of summer projects and one of those items would be to clean and organize my office at home.

When I first moved in the office was a space I did not put much thought into. Teaching, grad school, being "crafty", plus the other 1,000 things I do and enjoy can be overwhelming when kept in one room. Pictures below should be proof for you. If that is not enough, all of those things have also started making a home on my dining room table. It is time to get organized!

For the next couple of days, this is my project...

view from kitchen

right side... what does one do with a master's hood?!?!?


laundry room/storage... I could not open the right door because my bicycle is in the way, but there is a stackable washer and dryer there. This picture is down right embarrassing.

Maybe if I have a clean and organized office, then I will be more productive on my thesis... ;)

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