Monday, June 7, 2010

House of Ill

So yesterday I was to the point where I was sharing my funeral arrangements out loud. My stomach hurt so bad and I resembled the head-spinning, vomit spewing character from the Exorcist. (My first and last horror film!) Thankfully I finally got meds, managed to fall asleep , had my hand held, and felt better. This morning I would not have even guessed I was sick yesterday.

I thought it was over with.


I get home tonight about 11pm and as soon as I open the door, the ghastly fumes hit. This was no accident. My poor doggie must have exploded. I could not punish him because I felt so bad. He ran outside as soon I let him and now he is lying in the corner look absolutely pathetic. The house is still airing out after two mopings and Febreeze overload which did nothing. Hopefully he will have the same results in the morning as I did.

All better.

Sometimes I take my health for granted and tonight I learned that I take my dog's health for granted too.

Signing off from the House of Ill...

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