Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Years!

I have been a "blogger" for 10 years now!

It all started back when Expage was around. I would sit as patiently as I could while AOL dialed for connection. I would argue and fight with my sisters about whose turn it was. Finally, Schmekkleb was signed on to AOL and then would go to her Expage site. Thank goodness they took that site down. I am sure it was filled with over-dramatic teenage rants.

After Expage, I moved on to Xanga. Who knew that was still around? Sadly, my blog isn't. Xanga carried me through the college years and the very beginning of China. I am sure people just LOVED reading about my fast paced college days filled with social club-ities, great "loves", and the many jobs I had.

While in China, Xanga was blocked so I had to move the blog once again. This time I settled on Blogger. I called my blog "Scattered" because that is exactly how I felt. Home didn't seem like home. China didn't seem like home. Life was so jumbled in many ways. After my first year, I changed the name to its current title "Deeply Rooted". Deeply Rooted has suited me just fine. Day after day that is more how I feel. I am learning to love and settle in what I love. Things that make me me. Shoot, I even have the phrase tattooed on my wrist! :)

I have become interested in learning more about blog design because I have always used pre-made templates. Last year, I finally had a designer work on it a little bit. I want to make it mine though. Now I am teaching myself. Amazing how technology can teach you almost anything you want to learn. Tonight I learned that is an already owned domain. You should check out Guess I won't be using that address ;)

10 years... who knew I could commit to something for such an amount of time?!? I think my love for mint chocolate chip ice cream and Mexican food is the only commitment that has surpassed that.

To the 1-2 people who have been reading my blog for the past 10 years.... Bless you. ;)

Happy 10th year!

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  1. Congratulations friend, 10 years is a long time!!