Monday, December 14, 2009

Drop In and Decorate!

Tonight, we hosted a "Drop In and Decorate" party. "Drop In and Decorate" is a program based on the idea that you bake cookies, invite friends over to decorate the cookies, and then donate the cookies to a non-profit or organization helping people. I stumbled across their website while looking up sugar cookie recipes one day and I am so glad I did! Lydia (founder of "Drop In and Decorate") has a wonderful recipes for sugar cookies! Check out the website...
More importantly this is a great program based on someone's love for others and doing something they enjoy. Best kinds of things to support!

Seven girls surrounded the Stockell house table tonight. We had a good time icing cookies, hearing about Shawna's engagement, and just a lot of laughing. Sometimes the best nights are good old fashioned fun of doing something simple. We will be donating our cookies to the Ronald McDonald House. A little Christmas cheer on the way!

And our finished product...


  1. I love that! What a great, fun, and useful idea! Just wondering, did you use the Royal icing recipe they give? They are beautiful. Thanks for the great idea & pix! Love you, Beth!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks so much to everyone who decorated. I know the families at Ronald McDonald House will love the cookies.

  3. The cookies look fantastic. Thanks so much for joining the Drop In & Decorate movement! It's so much fun.
    Ted Chaloner