Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Break Recap

So Christmas break has come and gone and I did not blog at all. Quick recap of a fast two weeks...

Trip to Arkansas to spend an early Christmas with Justin's family
Rush home to spend Christmas with my family

Found out that my little sister Caitlin is ENGAGED!

Final chemo treatment

Dinner with Beth N. and some good catch up time

Another trip to Arkansas where I did nothing but sleep and read (Finished the books Hannah's Dream and New Moon)

Lunch with my cousin Sara in Jonesboro

New Years Eve with my family at sister Leanne's house

Dinner and Game Night at Shawna and Roan's on New Years Day... some good green and beans!
Shopping with sisters
Dinner with Una friends at Mafiaoza's followed by an evening walking around Opryland Hotel to see Christmas lights
Reorganizing and cleaning out kitchen with Amy
Christmas break come and gone!
It really was nice to see all of my family this year. Emily, Sean, and Jakson were able to be here. Sara and John were in Nashville for Nana's Christmas dinner and then I got to see Sara again later that week. Mom and Rachel were here too.
While I did sleep way more than it sounds, I could have used just one more week.

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