Thursday, July 15, 2010

How to Live Like Socrates

So this morning while checking email, I saw this on my "How-To" sidebar.

"How to Live Like Socrates" (taken from Wiki-How)

1. Begin by reading some of Plato's dialogues.
2. Don't change your life immediately.
3. Follow Socratic principles and ideals.
4. If you truly wish to live like Socrates, then you need to devote yourself entirely to philosophy and searching for the truth.
5. Make sure where you debate with others is in a public area.
6. Never be afraid to voice what your think, or more importantly the truth.
7. Never fear death.
8. Show humility.
9. Remember the Socratic paradoxes.
10. Stick to your principles even in the face of death.
11. Be sure to "know thyself".
12. Meet distinguished or influential people.
13. Remember that the truth is the most important thing ever and you must do everything you can to find it.

While interesting, I thought I wonder what my Socrates' list would be...

"How to Live Like Socrates (the dog)"

1. Begin by looking as cute as possible so the humans take you home.

2. Change owner's life immediately.

3. Follow owner as close as possible to her heels.

4. If you truly wish to live like Socrates, you must eat twice a day, take as many naps as possible, and eat something of the owner's at least once a week.

5. Make sure when you bark is when humans are asleep.

6. Never be afraid to bark at 5:45am. Your owner should know that you think it is time to play.

7. Be afraid of everything that comes near you.

8. Show love.

9. Remember to jump on owner when covered in mud.

10. Stick to the couch when all else fails.

11. Be sure to "mark your territory."

12. Meet other dogs with loud bark or ferocious growl.

13. Remember being handsome is the most important thing ever and you must do anything you can to be that way.


  1. love your list! :) I'm sure a "how to live like Brody" list would include some of the same things. Plus, the rule: if he can't see me, I can't see him! (he hides his head under the couch or the bed, and I'm pretty sure he believes he is completely hidden from view! lol)

  2. Love it! So cute, but true, I'msure. Love you!