Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Trip: Louisville, KY

On Saturday, I went with some friends to Louisville for the day. We ate Chinese for lunch at Wonton Express. We stopped at earX-tacy to go record shopping. Of course, we had to get Graeters' ice cream (Black Raspberry Chip!). Then, we headed downtown to catch a Louisville Bats game.

Because we had a little time, Katie and I took a little stroll only to find Hillbilly Tea. Sounds like the perfect place for dinner! And it was. They had a big selection of teas that you drink from a Mason jar. All of their food was served on pine wood planks. Katie got tofu and I opted for bison. While we were eating, our ears perked up... Did you hear Chinese? Yep... We confirmed with a worker that we were listening to a little "Chinese R&B". Could this restaurant be more perfect for us?!!?

After dinner, we headed back for the Bats game. The Bats played Indy and won. The weather was great for a night at the ballpark.

(picture taken with Hipstamatic app on iPhone)

Before we headed home, we were able to see the city of Louisville's fireworks show on the riverfront.

Louisville... so fun!

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