Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Owls and Journals

I have always liked to draw, but I like to say it's like kid's art. Kind of cheery, colorful, and with lots of outlining. I have several animals that I draw a certain way each time. They are almost like my own little characters. A lamb, a turtle, a horse, birds, a dog, and even a cow. Today, I created my owl. He appeared on the cover of my newest journal.

I have several different journals I write/draw in. A journal that records all of my travel adventures and any romance (ha!) that I might find myself in. A journal that is filled with spiritual enlightenments so to speak. A journal that I pray is burned immediately upon my death so my darkest sides will never be known. A journal of lists. A journal of doodles. The owl is on my newest doodle journal.

Everybody needs a little creative outage. Even if you are so analytical (like my brother!) that it tends to cause much rolling of the eyeballs ,there is still a need for creativity. Mine is drawing and writing.

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  1. I love to have journals to express my creativity :) The owl on the cover is so sweet! :)