Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm In A War...


My house has been attacked.

Ginger and Socrates left me a pricey present.

Round #1 - I salted the entire house. Someone told me you cover house with a layer of salt, let it sit for awhile and then clean it all up. No more fleas. Not the case! It took me hours to get the salt up and still have fleas.
Fleas:1 Beth:0

Round #2- Raid flea bombs. I thought 3 then was told that would be too many. I did 3 anyways. When I showed up expecting no fleas, I was jumped! Sigh.
Fleas:2 Beth:0

Round#3- Goes down between 6-8pm tonight. The Orkin man is coming. He will be visiting me 4 times. He was pricey. (Reasonable though when you have been attacked!) He does come with a money back guarantee. This one is mine boys!
Fleas:2 Beth:1 (hopefully.)


  1. That's awful, but hopeful the Orkin man will solve your flea problem! Who is Ginger, though? Love you! (When does metro start back?)

  2. I'm rooting for you friend! A good future investment might be frontline, I use it on Rory and haven't had any problems.

    Love you,