Friday, August 20, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday: TV Shows

So several of my fellow bloggers participate in Fill-In-The-Blank Fridays so I thought I would join in. This week's theme is TV shows.

1. My favorite current TV show is House. I am an addict! Justin and I have watched all of the episodes that are currently out on DVD. Season 6 comes out on August 31st. Only 11 more days!

2. The TV character I can relate most to is Hannah Montana. (WHAT?!?!) I am serious though. That girl has more bad luck and lucky moments than anybody except for maybe me. We both can laugh about it later with everyone else.

3. My life is like the show Dallas. Lots of family drama. Shocking and yet somewhat expected events. Very memorable.

4. My all time favorite show is Law & Order: SVU. For a girl who is super queasy and a big scaredy cat, I for some reason can't get enough of this show! I am always enthralled and surprised at each ending. How do they come up with so many unique story lines and endings?!?! Plus, Olivia is so bad-A.

5. A TV show that is ridiculously stupid, yet I continue to watch is Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Because I don't have cable, I rarely get to see this show. However, if I am ever near a tv with cable and it is on, you will find me on the couch.

6. My favorite TV couple is Carrie Bradshaw and Aiden Shaw from SATC. It was sweet while it lasted. Lorelai and Luke from Gilmore Girls would be a very close second. (Can you tell what kind of guy I like?)

7. One TV show episode that I could watch over and over again is the episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse and Becky have a baby. I laugh myself to pieces each time. Oh memories...

Well if you are new to reading my blog, I am sure that after reading this you think I am shallow and ridiculous. I really though don't watch much tv. (Thus, all of the outdated references.)

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Stay tuned next week for the next Fill-in-the-blank Friday...

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