Friday, May 11, 2007


You all may not appreciate this as much as I do...

The sense of smell is quite unusual. It has the ability to trigger memories that we tend to forget until that moment we smell it. Last fall I wrote about the smell of Friday football games and this past week I have had a few smells.

My house smells like a hotel when I turn the AC on.
My laundry detergent reminds me of the smell of my flat in Scotland.
The smell of honeysuckle beside the croquet field reminds me of my best friend Katie in North Carolina. She taught me how to master honeysuckling.
Brad sometimes smells like my brother Joe. (This occurs only after Brad has done laundry so you know how often that happens... ;) )

Of course, there are some major bad smells too.

One spot on Snack Alley that you know to cover your nose 100 feet before you make it to that spot... All you Yichangren know what I am talking about
The river... it makes the Cumberland look like the waters of paradise
Eggs... personally make me sick... Breanna Lewis' ducks win the stinky eggs award hands down (plus there is just something strange about ducks eating eggs... I mean that is what they lay)
Who-Dey knows how to stink up a room by leaving his "presents"

Anyways, there is one smell I am really looking forward to... The smell of my dad. He does not have a strong smell, but there is something that no other scent can capture. It is the strongest when I set right beside him and snuggle in the bend of his arm. I can't wait!

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