Saturday, May 5, 2007

Scattered Is The New Black

After years of using Xanga, I have made the switch to Blogspot. Why, you ask? Because Xanga is inconveniently blocked by the Heads here. At least I will be able to blog once again...


That is the title of my new blog. I picked this title because that best sums up my life these days. My interests, the people I love, emotions, the papers on my desk, my personal belongings, my heart and even my homes. And for all that is good, my money is always scattered around my house. Pick up one of my books and there is a good chance you will find 10 kuai being used as a bookmarker. Is it my fault my money still feels like monopoly money??!?! Anyways, so that is how Scattered came to be...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hey girlie welcome to Blogspot! This is where I started out blogging! I'm sorry to hear things seem so scattered, by take heart my dear friend, slowly and surly things will find there way back together. I love you and miss you, you are in my thoughts often!