Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trading In...

In Spring of 2004, I pledged Delta Delta at Lipscomb. Delta Delta later became Delta Xi. It was honestly one of the two best decisions I made while in college. Women can be caddy and shallow sometimes especially when in mass and that was the case sometimes with my DX sisters. However, they were a group of women who had a lot of fun when together and aimed to be different and shed a little Light on the campus. Talk about some great memories! Through pledging I met my best friend. I have no regrets and would recommend pledging a club to most anybody. Since 2004, I have carried a little wooden Delta Xi keychain on my keys. It even went across the ocean to China with me. I loved that keychain.

This morning I retired the keychain. It now sits in a box of college memories.

Last night while meeting with French Lemons (our girls Bible study group), our precious Caroleann gave us a little Eiffel Tower keychain. She has just spent the past few weeks tromping around Europe. It was great to have her back! We listened to a couple of life stories and then dug into Philippians 1. Sitting and listening and just looking around the room, my heart just felt so light. What a group of misfits who are actively pursuing our Father. I fell in love with the girls all over again.

My keys are now held together by a simple silver Eiffel Tower. A keychain that reminds me of some amazing women at this stage of my life.

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  1. I love this. I will never look at the Effiel Tower the same. :)