Monday, April 27, 2009

My 26th Birthday

I had an amazingly terrific birthday. Tonight a few of the dearest people on earth came over for dinner. Nothing better than guacamole, tacos, and GREATERS ICE CREAM!

Daniel and Amanda got Greaters in Louisville, KY this weekend and had it packed in dry ice to get it here. Talk about amazing. It was still Pint Night Monday for me only it was a delicious pint of Raspberry Chocolate Chip. Strong.

Tiffany made and framed a classic picture of several of my Marvelous Monday friends. Priceless.

Amy organized a photo book from my friends from all around the world. Talk about tears. A beautiful reminder of how blessed I am. She also gave me a cleaver which I cannot even begin how excited I was. Its the little things in life.

I got to spend time talking with Tiffany on the porch. With her upcoming move to Kansas, I am so grateful for every minute I do have with her. Porch, good weather and good friend... strong.

I ended the evening at Love Circle in prayer. My favorite spot in Nashville. To look out at the city, reflect, and just be in the presence of a friend really made for a nice close to my day.

Thank you everybody... This was truly special.

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