Monday, September 28, 2009

Jakson's First Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my nephew's first birthday. It was so good to have Emily and Jakson in town! I wish Dallas was not so far away.

Jakson enjoyed a yummy birthday cake of his own. He racked up in gifts. Fun "Cars" house shoes, a wind up clock, clothes, dump truck, Titans shirt, and the priceless "Where The Wild Things Are" book.

In the tradition of writing him letters, here is the one for his first birthday...

Dearest Jakson,
It is amazing how fast time has gone by. You have developed a personality and have learned to use those legs. Yesterday you climbed stairs while we sat in the living room. Your mom was quite surprised! Time will continue flying by and soon you will be climbing mountains in the Alps.
You are a mama's boy. Don't let anybody tell you that is a bad thing. Your mom is quite terrific! I love watched you hold onto your mother. You play with her hair. You snuggle right into her arm. You are a perfect fit. You will always be a perfect fit, no matter how big you get. I hope you always hold tight to your mom and your family. We all love you.
You have started talking. While at the moment, the words just sound like noises, I know you are trying to say important things. I can't wait for the day where the noises become understandable and we can talk together about important things. I want to hear about all the things that are important to you.
Oh Jakson, you are loved so very much. You have added so much joy to the Quarles/Valenta families' lives. I cannot wait to see you again soon.
With All My Love,
Aunt Beth

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  1. aww Bethie thats soo sweet to blog about jakson! he loves u and i love you! Take care of urself and see u at thanksgiving!