Wednesday, September 9, 2009



I have finally figured out the word for what I am.

On Friday, Beth N. and I went to see Julie and Julia right after school. A little over 2 hours later, I left the theater all smiles and wanting to see it again. On Saturday, I purchased My Life in France by Julia Child and Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. On Monday, Amy and I went to see the movie again. I am currently sucked into reading My Life in France. On Saturday, Tiffany and I will be going to see the movie. I cannot get enough!!!

I have always been a sucker for quirky people, blogging, pearls, and cooking. Could a movie be more fitting?!?!! Julia's frankness and enjoyment of life is so endearing. She wears pearls. Had me then. Guess I have my Halloween costume... Julie's personality traits and life events pretty much sum up my life too. Loved her.


How can Hollywood affect me so?

If you want to go see the movie, let me know... I see a movie inspired dinner party in the near future. That would be worth saving up some energy for.


  1. Yea, you got to see it!!! I thought of you the ENTIRE movie. And there's even a China connection too. :)

  2. You are funny beth... You really were beamin after that movie. I surely can't wait for Halloween... :)