Thursday, October 1, 2009

International Milk Day 2009

It's here again...

Happy International Milk Day!

This is the fourth annual day of celebration.

We did it up big in Miss Quarles' class. Our "Mystery Word of the Day" was calcium. We drank milk and enjoyed Sideways Stories From Wayside School. At the end of the day, we filmed a short video. (The Spanish and Arabic can be translated as "We love milk.")

Tonight Amy, Brad, and I will be getting milk-faced.

This is dedicated to all of those who have lived/live in the Middle Kingdom and know what it means to really appreciate milk.

To my fellow Yichangren... Wish we could all be together to celebrate over a glass of milk. Thinking of you all today with much love.


  1. Awesome! Rachel says "that was cool!". She was also impressed that you had safety patrol kids in your class. Absolutely adorable & so much energy. If only they could share it, right? Love you!

  2. Wo ai niu nai! Wo ai Beth Quarles and her amazing creativity! Happy International Milk Day!! :)