Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoo Fieldtrip

On Wednesday, the fourth graders were off to the zoo. The Nashville Zoo is one of my favorite fieldtrips. This year was especially fantastic when I hear the laughter of my kiddos when they heard the monkeys screeching. So cute!

"Mr.Justin" was a chaperone and I decided to have a little friendly competition. The boys took off with Mr. J and the girls went off with me. The challenge was to read the signs and remember as many facts as possible. The girls loved looking at the maps to see where the animals were from. It is always exciting for them to see animals from the kids' native countries. When we made our fact sheets the next day, it was quite obvious the girls won. The boys came up with one fact and the girls came up with seventeen. ;) There were pictures from the boys camera that were proof that learning was encouraged. ;)

Before we went to play on the massive "jungle gym", we stopped at the parakeet landing. Let me just say, having no hair makes for a much more uncomfortable pecking.

It really was a great day at the zoo, but I was oh-so-glad to make it to the couch when I got home.

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