Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peppers Cafe

Our service project in Asheville is actually located in Black Mountain.
Black Mountain is a very special place to me because I spent several summers on mission trips there. It is also the birthplace of Theodore Oscar Spot. (The tiger that sits on my bed.)
After our orientation, Josh and I drove into town to visit some old places. I was really looking forward to stopping in at Peppers Cafe. It was classic tradition. The entire cafe was decorated with Dr.Pepper memorabilia. My first time there I got food poisoning. It was one of the first places I ever went with an old boyfriend. It was the "Central Perk" for visits to NC. So yeah, I was excited...
I could feel the smile spreading across my face when I saw the window.

But then, it stopped. I saw another sign posted.

And just like that folks, Peppers became a thing of my past. I teared up a bit, but recovered thanks to some Traverse City Cherry ice cream at Kilwins.
Thanks Peppers for some good memories!

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