Wednesday, July 1, 2009

24 Hour Period

It's hard to believe how much can happen in a period of 24 hours.

It's 11:47pm.

24 hours ago, Josh and I had just gotten back to our CouchSurfing mountainside home after a great evening of Pisgah drinks, cornhole, and a bluegrass night with some Alzheimer's patients. We went to bed with the intent of heading to Atlanta for stop #3 of our tour. I woke up in the middle of the night to a perfect thunderstorm. It was happy.

About 6am, Dad called to say that Grandma was not doing well and not expected to live long. I was not really sure what to do so I told him we would go on to Atlanta and then I could take a flight if I needed to.

About 9am, we headed out of Asheville with the intent of me flying home form Atlanta. I was looking up tickets on my phone. We happened to drive by the Asheville airport so we decided to stop. Tickets were ridiculous so Josh said he was going to drive me back to Nashville.

About 11am, we hit Knoxville when Mama called to tell me the news. Grandma had passed. Josh held my hand and I was extremely grateful he was there.

By 2pm, we had arrived back in Nashville. Josh went on to Atlanta to finish the dream. I tried to find my footing and where I was needed.

This evening, I went home to be with my dad. My heart is breaking for him. I wish I could do more. To know what to say. To take his pain away.

Now it is 11:53pm and I am exhausted. It all happened so fast, but it seems like days ago.

I prayed tonight with Amy and Brad. It was what I needed. I love them. So thankful for people who were around today.

Please keep the Quarles family in your prayers.

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