Thursday, July 30, 2009

3AM Happiness List

A list of things that have brought me happiness lately...

Guiness ice cream from Pied Piper
Random phone calls and texts from Hannah and Caitlin
Getting things ready for the kiddos to come back to school
Meeting Woodrow Wilson George Washington Geheney
Good hugs and mushes
Studies of Psalms and Esther
Listening to Amy practice on her guitar
Summer nights
Heather Doty
Cheekwood expedition
Getting a good amount of sleep in one sitting
Talking to Yankee on the phone
Meeting with a group of girls who truly understand and deserve better
Catching up with the terrific Amy Nelson
Xtranormal movies
Riding motorcycle with Dad and walking around Lipscomb
A picture from Carly Adkins
Dinner on the porch
Amy's amazing skills and cookbook Magic Foods
Beth Neese's smile
Getting photos developed
Brad's ranting
Having Justin home for a solid week
Matt & Kim album
Praying with several different people
Email from Aunt Sue
Random run-ins with people I haven't seen in a long time
My soft blanket
Listening to the rain

Lots of happy things for me to fall asleep thinking about. (3am and couch do not currently equal happiness so I am trying to make it happy.)

Only 2 more days. PRAISE GOD!

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