Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amy's Birthday

You know it does not take much for us to have a party, but this weekend we had a great reason...

Amy turned 26!

Amy's actual birthday was on Thursday so we spent the evening eating at South Street, walking around Edgehill Village, and sipping on bubble tea. Erin and Jason were in town so Amy got to spend the evening with most of her closest friends. Good times!

On Saturday evening, we heading south to Arrington Vineyards. Arrington is owned by Kix Brooks and is a fabulous place to spend an evening. We had a picnic, enjoyed a wine tasting, played on swings and hammock, and danced. It was a hot, but very enjoyable night out. Hmm... kind of like Amy... hot and enjoyable. ;)

Happy Birthday Amy! Love you oh-so-much.

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