Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free Music? Yes, Please!

It was another weekend, and all through the town
Creatures were jammin' and everyone was getting down...

It was a weekend filled with free music. No matter what kind of music you like, it could be found here in Nashville.

On Friday night, several of us went to see the Nashville Symphony play at Bicentennial Mall. They played music from Shakespeare and actors from the Nashville Shakespeare Company read some excerpts of the writer's works.

On Saturday afternoon, Brad and I attempted to go see Andrew Bird. Andrew Bird was a favorite of the Americans while in China. To only be able to whistle like him... Anyways, he was playing a free show at Grimey's. We arrived to a packed building and made it in before the doors closed. Our friend Brooke did not. Brad left to hang out with her and I had to watch Andrew Bird on the closed circuit TV behind the cashier. I was able to stay for him signing and got a fabulous LP signed. We also got tickets to his next show in October.

After that concert, I met up with Brad, Brooke, and Justin to go downtown. I had heard Jonny Lang was giving a free concert in front of the courthouse. We did get to hear Jonny play on his blues guitar, but the show was really some other guy. (He was good too!) It was nice to be able to sit in some soft grass, feel the sunshine, and just listen to people play. We stayed to hear Jeremy Lister too.

We walked from the courthouse down to Riverfront Park where the CMA Country Music Festival was going on. This year all daytime concerts were free. While I am not a huge fan of country music, I did enjoy just people watching and being outside. We saw Chris Young and some other band play. (I cannot remember their name, but the lead singer had some massive hair!) We got free ice cream and smoothies too.

Classical, folk, rock, blues, and country... we got to see and hear it all.


  1. Wow1 What a fun time(s)! Wish i could be there & share some of that music! Love you!

  2. The last band was Telluride; always with strong southern drawl emphasis on the 'you' pronunciation :)