Monday, May 12, 2008

Translating Movie Titles

Last week in class we discussed films. My students had to give examples of each different kind of genres. While I did not require them to use English movies, I did get back some great titles of ones they had seen...

Arrogant and Prejudice; Haughty and Prejudice (Pride and Prejudice)
The Supper Man (Superman)
Haircutter Todd (Sweeney Todd)
Breaking Mountain (Brokeback Mountain)
Electric Saw State (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
Save the Soldier Ryan (Saving Private Ryan)
White Snow Girl (Snow White)
King of the Lions (Lion King)
The Despaired House Women (Desperate Housewives)
The Witch Wear Fashion (Devil Wears Prada)
Dozen of Children (Cheaper by the Dozen)
Daviqi Cipher (DaVinci Code)
War of the Stars (Star Wars)
101 Dogs (101 Dalmatians)

You can't but smile sometimes in class... Too cute.

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