Thursday, May 15, 2008

Children of the Earthquake

As you can imagine, the earthquake is pretty much the only news right now.

We have been hearing stories of schools and children from our friends and the news.

Last night a friend was telling us about a school that had 18 classes. Only 3 classes made it out alive. (One was out on a field for PE and the two others were on a field trip.)

We heard about a few mischievous students who were sent out of a classroom for misbehaving. Getting into trouble saved their lives because the rest of the class was crushed.

Jim Yardley of the NYT captured the horror of losing children in his article.

This being a country were the one-child policy still reigns, you can only imagine the grief of parents who have lost their entire families. The Chinese people are very strong, but right now there are a lot of broken hearts. Please keep these parents in your Thoughts.

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