Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Gray

You know how people (mainly parents) talk about how they got gray hair (or lost it!)... worrying about children, etc, etc.? Well, at the ripe age of 25, I think that I would already be grayed and bald if this was true.

This year I have aged another 25 years (at least) in addition to the 25 I have already lived. The decision of returning to China, losing a teammate, going to India, ironic wedding dates, worries about family, worries about future, making a decision about next year, etc, etc. Sheesh! A couple of weeks ago I was almost down and out. I did not feel like being around others. I dreaded classes. I dreaded checking my email. I dreaded life. But things have turned around.

My trip to Shanghai was overall pretty relaxing. While it was not the most exciting trip I have ever taken, it was nice being away. I got to walk a lot, spend time with people I don't spend time with much, and read on the Book.

I spent time just goofing off in Wuhan for a couple of days. I put off my return to "real" life.

Sunday night I got back just in time for a great conversation with Family. Looking at people of Faith really was the perfect kick in the butt to just get over things and enjoy life no matter what is going on because Someone else is in control.

I love spending time with Amy and Brad. Can't say it enough.

I finished reading through the Book for the first time ever. While, I did it faster than I planned on... wow! Nice to see big picture and make more connections to my life. Plan on doing it again.

The weather has been perfect! I have enjoyed spending my afternoons watching Katie and Brad play volleyball. Amy and I have danced around her house and read books with the windows open.

The woman with the million dollar Revlon smile has returned home.

Life is good.

And while we are having big trouble with our return tickets home and I could easily add another year to my life worrying about it, I will just except the fact these things happen. HE never fails me.

I will look good with gray hair one day... (It will come from time and not so much worries.)

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