Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Great Wall Swing Out

Over the past term a small group of us gather on Thursday afternoon for a dance lesson from Amy. Amy danced back in the States and misses it like I miss milk. We have learned (struggled through) Salsa, Basic Swing, and Charleston. Brad has learned to Tango. Katie and I have learned Basic Lindy. I think we all have enjoyed it more than we thought.

Awhile back, Amy learned of a lindy exchange in Beijing. Milk and dancing in the same city in China... let's go! This was the main reason for our trip to Beijing this past weekend... so Amy could get her swing on.

Saturday night Amy and Katie got to dance to a live big band. I think they both had a good time. Then on Sunday morning, we met up with a large group of people to travel to the Great Wall. No hiking this time... We took the cable car up. (Amy, that is how much I love you ;) ) Someone hooked a speaker up and people were off dancing away.

Have you ever seen someone who is just truly using their natural gifts? You cannot stop watching. Amy looked so amazing!!! Graceful and natural. She was definitely in her element. Katie did well too. She met her quota of dancing with different people. Brad and I sat back and just watched. (Dancing for me is fun with people I know, but strangers... not so much.) We both though had as much fun as Amy and Katie. They were just so fun to watch.

Amy, I really do hope you had a good time. You were so beautiful!
The dancers.

The fans.

For more on the Swing Out, you can visit Great Wall Swing Out.

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