Monday, May 19, 2008


China is in mourning.

At 2:28pm today, exactly one week from the major earthquake, China had 3 minutes of silence. Actually, it was the loudest 3 minutes I have ever experienced. However, it was a nation crying out together.

I was in a taxi at one of the biggest intersections in town. All traffic came to a complete halt. Air sirens, the trains, buses, cars, motorcycles, etc all blared. 3 minutes. It was this image and this "silence" that made me finally cry. Beth Quarles, one of the biggest criers ever has not cried through this whole week. I felt like something was desperately wrong with me especially after hearing about some of the struggles of our good friends. Today though, it all came out. The poor taxi man probably thinks I lost my mind. In reality, I am just a girl in love with a nation who is in mourning.

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