Monday, February 25, 2008

Blog of Encouragement

Each evening before I climb into bed, I normally grab a mug of something warm and open Google Reader to catch up on all the blogs I subscribe to. I have an interesting mix. Of course there are my fellow workers in China and a few friends back in the States. Two political related blogs that honestly I could probably do without. Some simple good-doers... M. Workers, journalists, etc. My favorite is probably the blog of a stay at home mom. Talk about adventures! But as of late, I have really been enjoying the blog of some dumpster-divers with Purpose.

Back in the days of the House of Burt, I met Daniel through Amy. I have only seen Daniel a couple of times and sadly have never met his lovely wife, but both have left quite an impression. Both Daniel and Amanda seek to live out God's purpose in their lives. Whether it be in their jobs or how they spend their money, both show an example of being mission minded. They have never asked to be praised or for their story to be publicized, but as of late their lives/mission are being widely spread. Lisa Ling has interviewed them. The Tennessean featured an article on Daniel and friend Josh Corlew. This Wednesday, Daniel and Amanda will appear on the Oprah show.

While normally I write about battles in a kitchen or some ridiculousness that I face as a foreigner in China, I really wanted to share the Burts' blog with you all. I hope it will get you thinking about how to practically show your love for Father in ALL aspects of your life.

Thanks Daniel and Amanda for being willing to share your ideas! (and still being extremely humble!)

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