Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Month As A Backpacker

It is too overwhelming! I would be here for days if I wrote about everything, so here is just a sampling of what we did...

Traveled to Beijing where we met our friend Chen Tao

Brad and I traveled to Tianjin to spend time with Chen Tao and her family.

Flew to Sri Lanka where we were ravenged by bed bugs, visited an elephant orphanage and got our visas (finally!) to go to India

Flew to Trivandrum where we met our friend Sooraj, visited temple and bought me some new glasses

Took a backwater cruise through Kerala

Rode elephants and trekked through wildlife perserve in Thekkedy

Toured churches and synangogue in Kochi

Visited orphanage and seminary in Bangalore

Saw palace in Mysore

Lounged on beach in Goa

Shopped at Anjuna Market

Experienced life in Mumbai with Sooraj and family

Went to Agra to see Taj Mahal

Left Delhi very sick (Brad and I that is...) and flew back to Beijing

From Beijing we took a train back to Yichang. It is so nice to be home again. We have been hibernating the past few days. All in all a very good trip... one of those trips of a lifetime.
And this, my friends, concludes my month as a backpacker...
(for even more pictures you can scan through my Facebook albums.

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