Friday, February 15, 2008

Rejection on Valentine's Day

Another Valentines Day come and gone. I am thankful it is over with. Even being in another country (one, might I add, that is has not always been accustomed to celebrating...) can still be rough.

Last minute Katie, Kim and I decided to go out to eat. There is a restaurant here called Justines that has decent western food, but a little more pricey. The perfect place to go for such an occasion though. We did our makeup and put on jewelry (it is too cold to really dress up) and then headed out for a Valentines dinner.

We go to Justines. They are having a special "Just for 2" meal. We cannot order off the menu and it was too expensive for a meal we probably would not even like so we decide to keep moving. We catch another taxi back into town. We try another western beefsteak place. Same kind of deal. Pizza Hut was too crowded. Curry Ladle has no seats available. Are we really going to resort to McDonalds? We try the coffee place at our gym. (Coffeehouse here normally seems some kind of westernish food.) Special menu for two. Rejection on Valentine's Day for sure!

We hunker down at our peanut noodle place. Nothing special. We go there weekly. It was cold. Points though for cheapness.

After our "special" dinner we go back to Katie and Kim's. The idea was to watch a movie, but like when all girls get together there was just too much talking. We start discussing the future and just other things we are struggling with. By the end it is close to 11:30pm and I can't even stand up because of all the weight on my shoulders from our discussion. (And I was sleepy.)

I trudge home. I put in a movie with my Hollywood crush (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson). He won't let me down. DVD does not work. Forget it. I am going to bed. A day of complete rejection...

In good news, I talked with my dad on Skype. That is always a good day. I will say though it is hard to talk seriously with somebody though when they are morphing into a werewolf or a French artist. (Dad says he did not do it, but I am telling you it happened!)

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  1. Aww Beth, I was so sorry to hear that your V-Day plans with the ladies didn't work out as expected!!! Menus for two, bah!
    Wish you could have been here, we threw a theme part called "The Love Boat" and made everyone come like they were dressed for a cruise. It was fun! I am super tired though now! But I have now learned the secret to V-day as a single women, just throw a party with all your single friends!!! :)
    I will talk to you soon, so glad you had a chat with your Dad!