Monday, February 18, 2008

Prayer Request

My cousin Bobby Sickler has been serving in Iraq for quite awhile now. He grew up in a military family and graduated just couple of years ago from West Point. He went on to helicopter school after that. We learned that Bobby has been shot and is being sent back to States. It knocked the wind out of me a little bit... a family member, someone my age, someone we grew up playing backyard softball and riding go-karts with...brings Iraq a little closer to home.

Below is an email from my dad.

"We received an update on Bobby. They are flying him to the U.S. to Walter Reed Hospital. He was shot over Mozel and since his helicopter has a co pilot they made it back to the base. The bullet went into this leg and some of the bullet broke off in an artery went through his heart and has lodged in his lung. They have stabilized him enough to get him to the U.S. There was a National Guard Surgeon in Mozel that specialized in this type of truama and was able to due some plimenary work to get him stabilized. That is all we know at this time, will let you know more as we hear. Aunt Patty and uncle Bob are heading to Washington and will call as they learn more. They believe Bobby will be there tomorrow. Keep him your prayers.LoveDAD."

Please keep Bobby and his family (Uncle Bob, Aunt Patty, Cousin Kelly) in your prayers. I will post updates...

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