Sunday, March 2, 2008

Meager March

Last term our sweet friend Angelyn did some research about Chinese poverty levels. (Please click link to read her blog.) After hearing her findings, several of our friends in Shiyan proclaimed March as "Meager March." The idea is to live on what the government declares the amount that one can survive on. Well, the idea caught on and now several foreigners are participating in their own ways.

For the month of March I will be...
Not taking taxis. It is such a quick fix to the amount of time spent on a bus. Putting on my walking shoes and having my 1 yuan coins ready for buses though now.
Buying produce from local people. The supermarkets charge a lot of money and throw out excess/waste. Instead, I will be supporting Yichangren, a people I love.
Limiting internet access. I have chosen to cut my internet time down to one hour a week. No Google Talk this month. If you send me a personal email, I will reply.
Be more conscious of electricity and water usage. Amazing how often I leave lights on without even meaning to. Kissing my heater goodbye because we all know how I am out of control on its usage.
No fast food (McDs, KFC, etc) or buying snacks. Really it is just unnecessary.
Spending time each day with Father discussing living a simpler life, homelessness/poverty, and friends who have chosen to participate in meagerness.
No TV. Movies have become a quick fix to boredom here. This month I will be working on other projects, outreach, etc.

The exception to any of these are just if it gets in the way of doing my work here (school or otherwise.) Hopefully I will be able to instill some good practices that will continue in following months.

Well, this has taken a little chunk of my internet usage for week. Will blog when/if I can...

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