Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something From the Heart

Tonight I am feeling a little bit sentimental.

I have been so blessed by the people who have come into my life, but there are a few people who just have a really special place in my heart. One of those people would be my didi...

Brad and I met in college. Before we actually met, I remember seeing him in the cafeteria. In fact, that moment lead to one of the more embarrassing moments in my life. I walked smack into a wall and dropped my tray because I was looking at him. I actually met him at a missions meeting where I prayed he wouldn't remember me for the cafeteria debacle. A meeting turned into more meetings, turned into a decision, turned into rides in the Black Pearl, turned into moving across the world, turned into an incredible friendship, turned into a special place in my heart.

Today is Brad's birthday. It is actually kind of hard not celebrating with him tonight. In China, birthdays were a huge deal. One year we made our favorite pirate a scavenger hunt while we transformed his porch into a Bengals fan paradise. While there is no extravagant or elaborate party, there is something to be said that is just as heartfelt...

Happy Birthday, Brad. You truly have made my life more joyful. I love you.

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