Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Day of School

Thursday was the first day for the kiddos. It was packed full of craziness- registering new students, figuring out new bus routes, calming parents, and "aww"-ing over the new cute new kindergartners. Normal first day.

My day wasn't all normal though. While trying to prepare for a parent breakfast that the PTO and myself were hosting, a table fell on my knee. It was leaned up against a wall, but I did not realize it was on a ramp. When I tried to pull it down, it started rolling and falling. I knew it hurt, but did not realize how bad until about an hour later when I pulled my pants leg up. It was the biggest and most purple bruise I have ever had. I started icing it, but continued to go about my day as much as possible. By 2:30pm, I was near tears because it hurt so bad so we sat down to fill out workers' comp papers and I headed to the doctor.

The doctor wrote a prescription for pain meds, told me not to work the next day, put me on bed rest for the weekend, and sent me for x-rays. Thankfully, by this point J had arrived and carted me to 100 Oaks for the x-rays. When walking in, they asked if I wanted a wheelchair. I politely said no, but after a few steps decided I did. J knew at that point I was really hurting. I am not one to rely on others for help. After the x-rays, the tech said my doctor would call the next day with results.

Thank goodness, there were no breaks or fractures. J has been super patient making sure I have everything I need. I have watched more TV than ever. I have also consumed a lot of ice cream (that makes everything better... right?!?!). I am so over being still though. I cannot wait to be back to school tomorrow. There is so much to be done.

What a way to start a new school year!

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