Sunday, August 14, 2011

Classroom Makeover: Window Treatments

Are you curious as to what our project was that required so many tools?

Portable 17 has quite shoddy blinds. They never work. It get any sunlight in, I have to take down the whole blind, roll up, and then place it back on the hooks. This year, I opted for curtains and a valence.

After telling J what I wanted, he came up to school and built me valences and curtain rods.

Of course, I needed the wood to be covered in something cute! We checked out Old Time Pottery because a friend had such luck find nicely priced designer fabric there. I did not have the same luck, but another shopper told me that Jo-Ann's was having a 60% off fabric sale. That fit well in my slowly diminishing $80 budget.To my luck, I found the perfect material.

Bright colors, but not over powering. The light grayish blue also works so well with my newly painted walls. I felt even better about my purchase, when I saw that Meg from DesignStar also used the same material! ( I would so be an interior designer in my next lifetime!)

Here is the almost final product...

I am still working on the curtain part, but had a little speed bump in my progress.

It is looking nicer and nicer!

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